The Spiritual Eclectic

Spiritual eclectics see beauty and validity in all belief systems, and happily, I am not the only spiritual eclectic out there. Although she wasn’t sure how to reply, my incredibly dynamic friend, Margie, shared her answers to my interview questions below.

  1. How long have you practiced this form of spirituality?

I am not sure how to answer these….See I do not define my spirituality as any ONE thing. I believe in LOVE. I meditate, am a student of Buddhism, Taoism, A Course in Miracles, Paganism , Gnosticism, & several different Christian based faiths. I am kind of a conglomerate of all these teachings. From there, I just do what I believe is morally good for my soul. How long is hard to say, it just kind of evolved. I was born into a Catholic house, and when to Catholic School as child. When I had my own children my hubby and I searched for a religion that was more in line with our beliefs. I started going to several different churches, I tried Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Methodist. While they all had wisdom, non were quite right for me, personally. I started meditating for stress benefits, per my doctor. I have been mediating is years, and that is where I got interested in more Eastern Religious Philosophy, which then lead to learning about Buddhism, Taoism, which then lead to me learning about A Course in Miracles, Paganism , Gnosticism, etc…What I found is almost all are supposed to be based in unconditional love and are full of wisdom, but we as humans seem to muck it up, using our Religious beliefs to ostracize and judge others. When that happens that is the antithesis of unconditional love, THAT is the definition of love with conditions. My soul can not align with that. I believe we are all equal, who am I to judge…We are all free to believe what we want, and then I relized after much searching, that maybe I do not have to define my religious beliefs as ANYTHING but LOVE. If going to church heals your soul do it, if going to nature is your church do it, if meditating heals your soul do it. Do whatever resignates with your own soul.

2. What about it fulfills your spiritual needs?

Funny once I stopped trying to define my religion, and just focused on a genuine connection, things shifted for me. I am FAR more spiritual now than I ever was when I was going to church every Sunday. I am more at peace, far more loving, far more forgiving, far more compassionate. Things do not affect me as much as they used to, I am far less reactive, (though I still have moments, none of us are perfect). But I can not take people or things as personally as I used to, I can see that we are all human who need varing degrees of healing. That hurt people hurt people, and they probably need the most love. I am just at peace in what I know morally and spiritually, and that fulfills my soul.

3. What challenges (if any) does being a (fill in the blank) pose in everyday life?

None really, I just do what I believe works for me. The only issue I have is that other people try to put me in some religious box. I work in the metaphysical field, so people ae always asking what Religion I am, when I say none, they are always surprised, some assume I am an atheist, and that is not true for me at all, I just try and take the best most loving parts from all the religions I have studied and try to put them into my personal practice.

4. Are there any misconceptions people have about your belief system you’d like to clear up?Again, I think once you tell people that you do align with any one organized religion, that they assume that you do not believe in a higher power, that your are faithless, that you have no morals, that you are a rebel of sorts. Honestly, nothing could be further from my truth. I am far more open to love, I have become far more tuned into miracles, and the love of source energy (How I define God). But again, I do not let the misconseptions of others affect me. I wish more people would stop using their belief systems/ morality to judge others and focused on their own personal connections with their “God” as they define it. I wish we all, as a society, could be more accepting and learn that just because we do not have the exact same religous beliefs, political beliefs, perspectives, morals, etc, that we can still Love one another. We are all one. I think that ,we as a society, have over complicated things. We all just need to go back to the golden rule, “Treat Others How YOU Would Like To be Treated”. Just be kind and share love.

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