The Cutest Kid My Dad Ever Saw

Every time a new great nibling of mine is born, I’m amazed at how, in such a minute group of humanity, the most perfect, beautiful children in all of creation are all related to ME!

Yes, I am quite a prejudiced great-auntie.

But I come by this prejudice naturally.  My dad apparently had his favorites among us 7 kids. Take my brother Tim, for example, (shown in photos around the age of 2-3 on the left and at 65 on the right). Today this dear darling brother of mine turns 66.

Dad pronounced (on multiple occasions, even after seeing 2 more of his own babies, 16 grandkids, and several great-grandkids) that Tim was “The cutest kid I ever saw.”

Makes me wish we had more than black-and-white photos from back then.

I never felt hurt when Dad would say this, because Tim has always been a great champion of mine. Always supportive and a great listener. His little sister’s first hero.

So I am posting. for all to see, the cute face of Birthday Boy Tim! Love you, brother Tim, and may you be blessed with many many more happy birthdays!

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