Spotlight on Agnosticism

Interestingly, my Agnostic subject is also my Christian subject’s sister, Chrys! Both ladies are relatively new but increasingly dear friends of mine. Read on to learn about agnosticism.
a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God.
1. How long have you practiced this form of spirituality?
I believe my entire life has been spent learning and searching for my beliefs on spirituality. Since childhood I considered myself a witch, and even accepted Christianity and tried hard to believe those teachings, until around 1985. I turned my back on all I had been taught and set out on my path of finding what I believed.
2. What about agnosticism fulfills your spiritual needs?
I don’t need to look to a religion or a book, a place or religious figure in my life to give or suggest what I should believe. I read, to learn about other belief systems, and look for truth and love in those systems and how those who believe these things live their lives. The freedom to choose what I accept or reject is what fulfills my spiritual needs.
3. What challenges does being an agnostic pose in everyday life.
I am challenged everyday to put my beliefs into actions. To love unconditionally. To judge no one’s beliefs and to remember we are all here on a spiritual journey that can create peace.
4. Are there any misconceptions people have about your belief system you’d like to clear up?
I have been asked about faith, and why I don’t have any. I usually answer that I believe I may have a stronger faith than most. I have no answers and I don’t fear a fiery pit or hope for eternal bliss…I have no answers to any questions…the only thing I believe is that I know nothing and I am content with that…that to me is faith.

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