Meet Historical Fiction Author Elizabeth Chadwick!

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Elizabeth Chadwick is an inspiration to me. She is the historical fiction writer I could only DREAM of being! Her books set in Medieval times (some featuring MY own ancestors like the great knight, William Marshall, and Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine!).  Her books are many and wonderfully written. Check out her interview below;
1. How long have you been writing historical fiction? 
Answer:  Since I was 15 years old – I’m not going to tell you how old I am now but it’s many decades.  I have been a mainstream published author of historical fiction since the early 1990’s and I’ve seen a lot of changes in the industry since then!

2.  what would you say is the ratio of fact vs. fiction in your books?

Answer: That’s a difficult one – I’ve never actually worked it out as such.  The moment I put words in a character’s mouth (unless they are mentioned in the record) or imagine how they are feeling, I am stepping into the world of fiction. However, I do research intensively and extensively and I have been doing it for all the above mentioned decades. I try to make my people of their time and not modern day characters wearing fancy dress. I always ask myself on a scale of 1-10 how likely a character would be to do such a thing.  Between an 8 and a 10 I will go with it. Less than that and I will rethink.  History should never be warped by the story, but at the same time, the story should be rivetting. That’s where the skill comes in for an author of historical fiction.
3 What are you currently working on?

Answer – An as yet untitled novel set in the 13th century and starring Joanna de Valence, a young woman who came unexpectedly into a great inheritance and married the King’s brother, only to find that such elevation brings its own set of troubles, not least jealous rivals who want everything she has got.  I have just published The Irish Princess – the story of Aoife (Ee-fa) daughter of the King of Leinster in Southern Ireland who makes a political marriage with an English warlord earl, catches the eye of King Henry II, and to survive must play the men at their own game and make it hers.

4 Where can people purchase your novels?
Answer – Hopefully in bookshops and at online retailers.

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