Meet Author Christine Clemetson!

Christine Clemetson is another fantastic fellow author I met at a book-signing event a few years ago. Read her responses to her interview below and be sure to check out her great books!
1.     To date, how many novels have you written?

This week I just finished my seventh novel entitled Where Red Oaks Lie. I’ve also had short stories in a few anthologies.


2. Where can your novels be purchased? 
Bookstores and online. You can find links on my website, here: 
3: Do you currently have a Work In Progress? 
I’m gathering characters for a new psychological thriller. The setting and first scene have been percolating, but that’s all I know. I’ll uncover the rest as I go along. The surprise is my favorite part of writing a book!
4. How do you spend your time when you’re not writing?

Going to the beach or park, and reading! In between, you can find me at the library or local coffee place. 


5. What’s your best advice for aspiring authors?
Write down on a stickie note why you love to write and put it on your PC, bathroom mirror, wallet, wherever you’ll see it most. When you get a rejection? Have your faves on hand (mine are wine and M&M’s). And then get right back to it. You got this!

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