Spotlight on Wicca

wiccaContinuing with our Spotlight on Spirituality series, we have Wicca, one of the most misunderstood religions out there.

My sincerest thanks to Jennifer Windhorse for her participation! Blessed Be!

1. How long have you practiced this form of spirituality?

I’ve been practicing Wicca for 28 years.  For most of that time, I’ve been a solitary, but I was with a traditional coven for a number of years.

2. What about it fulfills your spiritual needs?

My connection to Nature and to animals and the emphasis on self-responsibility.

3. What challenges (if any) does being a (fill in the blank) pose in everyday life?

Being a Wiccan poses social challenges.  Wicca and Paganism in general is still very misunderstood by many problems.  I have had terrible things said to me, and I have been blatantly discriminated against due to my religion.

4. Are there any misconceptions people have about your belief system you’d like to clear up?

Wiccans—and indeed, Witches overall–are not Satanists.  Wicca has nothing to do with Christianity.  Satanism is associated with Christianity/Satan is a Christian concept.  Wicca and Paganism have nothing to do with Judeo Christian religion.  These traditions are based on far older religions.

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