My 90-Day Challenge

After watching a few videos and reading the books Your Path to Unshakable Happiness and Stepping Stones by Margaret Blaine, I was inspired to put this chanting practice to the test. Ms. Blaine suggests setting a lofty goal, writing it down and giving it 90 days to come into fruition. She stresses that one be specific in describing one’s goal, the more specific the better.

So that’s what I did.

Ms. Blaine gives several examples of this method working for people; sometimes in unexpected ways. She also has a YouTube channel where she gives advice and encouragement.

Chanting appears to be the vivacious, proactive sibling to prayer. I have been actively chanting now for 4 months but without a specific goal in mind other than general everyday health and happiness.

So now we wait.

90 days from today is January 25.

Stay tuned!

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