Meet Life Coach Barbara Martin!

Barbara Martin is a Life Coach for Women In Transition, a wonderful organization that helps women find out what they want to do in lives. From Barbara’s site, she states:

As a life coach,  I help people get out of their own way and into the life they want.  I don’t tell people what to do, I help people find out what they want to do. I help Women in Transition, find out what it is that they want to pursue, career change, lifestyle change, or if they just want more joy.

Read below to learn more about Barbara and her mission. You may be able to benefit from her services!

Barb Martin Headshot thumbnail(1)1.What services does a Life Coach offer?  A Life Coach listens to you talk about your goals and help you develop an action plan to achieve your goals. Depending on what type of Life Coach you are connecting with you can explore limiting beliefs, set goals for your personal life or your business. You can set fitness and wellness goals, start a mastermind group or host a vision board play shop. Life Coaches help you explore areas where you are stuck and set goals to move forward, it is always about moving forward.

2. What do you find most rewarding as a Life Coach? The most challenging? I enjoy working with people and walking with them on their journey. I enjoy hearing people’s stories and helping them explore their options. I don’t think their is any downside to life coaching it is very rewarding.

3. Are your services available to women exclusively? I work with women. I would never turn anyone away that truly wanted to explore their limiting beliefs and move past and through their issues and set goals for their best life.

4. How long have you been affiliated with Women in Transition? I have been working with Women in Transition for 5 years. We offer one on one life coaching, walking and talking (one hour session of walking in the park and talking), vision board playshops, facilatating mastermind groups and group coaching.

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