Life is an endless series of transitions

As 2020 looms just hours away, I consider how nothing stays stationary in life.

And that can be an unavoidable double-edged sword.

Your life is good. Everything is just as you want it. Then one day, your car needs repairs. You have a fight with your spouse. Maybe you lose your job, or a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

In nature, nothing can remain stationary.  Air, water, blood–all stagnate if not allowed to circulate.

Same is true with our lives.

I’m grateful that this year I suffered no personal loss of loved ones and instead acquired many more new friends! But my heart aches for those whose lives have been visited by grief and sadness this year, and I hope they can move forward, at their own pace, into a more accepting viewpoint of their circumstances.

May 2020, with whatever changes it brings, be kind to you.

I just wanted to urge my handful of readers not to grasp too tightly to the present, because it will be the past soon enough, and one of the surest things in life is that everything is in a constant state of transition.

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