Wanted; Book Reviews

So what did you read in 2019 that you particularly enjoyed?  Or maybe even less reecently–in the past 2 or 3 years?

Whether it was fiction or nonfiction, I’m looking for book reviews written by fellow readers (and writers!) that I can post on my blog. Whether you loved or hated or were even indifferent to a book, let me know!

If you’re interested, please email me at puritanwitch@gmail.com. Or PM me on Facebook;https://www.facebook.com/PuritanWitch/

I’m looking forward to getting some great recommendations!

brown book page
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6 thoughts on “Wanted; Book Reviews

  1. Let’s see, I have been a reader since I was 5 years old, I was lucky to have English Teachers who taught me the value of Reading Comprehension. Since I only finished 1 1/2 years of high school. I learned how to be an ace mechanic by reading professional Manuals…. I have at least 5,000 books in my brain + a million magazine, newspaper articles. I can read two paragraphs from the middle of a book and know if I have read it and what the story was all about……I am 74 years now, and still can read the economist magazine cover to cover in about an hour, (I love their Obits) So, my favorite book of all time (I have bought & gifted away 50 + copies) is; “The River Why?” by David James Duncan, this is a fishing/love story best read aloud with someone you Love!, My second favorite book, which really opened my eyes to the ways of this world is; “The Experience,A Celebration Of Being” by Sirio Esteve, Random House 1974, Library of Congress under Meditations….(Available from Abe’s books) Because I made it popular again by purchasing 40 + copies……Next is; “Commentaries on Living, series of three” by J. Krishnamurti……1954, Theosophical Publishing House, Quest Book, eleventh printing 2001….ISBN:0-8356-0390-3……One cannot go wrong by immersing their minds in these books……..Those are my recommendations……


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