40.5 Hours in 6 Days(?)


When I first joined SGI last August, I was handed this little booklet to record my hours of chanting.  With 30 hours on each page, I successfully logged in 30 hours my first month.

Now, 5 months and 259.5 hours of chanting later, I come to the last few pages of the little booklet.  The Neurotic Me drove me to chant 9.75 hours on August 31 just so I could fill in the first page.

But it looks like I won’t finish this booklet in January and the Neurotic Me realizes I am not going to finish the booklet in 6 days, unless I chant 6.75 hours ever day!

While that’s doable, I don’t know if I see that happening. And it’s ok if a few hours in February spill into the register.

Today also marks the end of my 90 Day Challenge, which didn’t come into fruition, but my heart wasn’t 100% in it anyway ( for those who are curious, 90 days ago I was inspired to chant for a “lofty goal,” and the loftiest goal I could think of was that Puritan Witch rose to Amazon’s Top 10 Bestseller list on or before today.  It hasn’t. It’s currently #968,062). I wrote my trilogy to fulfill a lifelong dream, not for money or notoriety.

But I enjoy chanting and I understand the theory behind it, and so, despite the strong likelihood of not finishing my little chanting register on January 31, I will, in earnest,  start a NEW 90 day challenge for something far more personal and important.

As luck would have it, I was gifted with yet another chanting register, so I will begin this new campaign today and report back April 24th! I’ll have celebrated my 55th birthday by then, and we’ll be well into Springtime, the time for new beginnings!


One thought on “40.5 Hours in 6 Days(?)

  1. O-m-g!!! You’ve done some mighty chanting & you are so dear to be so candid about the procedss plus results. Wishing you all the best — I hate to hear ‘we ge what we need, not what we want,’ but sometimes what we get is truly better after all…

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