204 Days & 300 Hours Later…

Happy Leap Year Day!

In August I officially joined SGI, and when I did I was given a booklet to record my chanting (in 15 minute increments, represented in the booklet by 300 circles).

Diligently I tracked my chanting. But the Neurotic Me quickly developed an issue;

I began recording in the book on August 9th, and I really wanted to finish the first page (30 hours worth) in August (see my The Chanting Marathon Experiment here– I chanted 12.75 hours August 31!).

So now, 6 months later, I’m on the polar end of the situation and I want to END recording in the little booklet in February. As luck would have it, we have an extra day this month, which I put to good use by chanting and finished the booklet by chanting 4 hours this morning!

This month it occurred to me that I might do better not recording my chanting ( I know some Nichiren Buddhists do whereas others do not). So having freed myself from the “need to record” neuroses, I can open my new Gohonzon, pick up my beads (which, btw, are already showing wear) and chant to my heart’s content!

I had decided that by the time I had filled the booklet up, I would have decided if Nichiren Buddhism and chanting were for me. After 6 months and 300 hours, chanting has become almost habitual for me. I really enjoy the new friends I’ve made and if I don’t allow myself to be distracted by my phone (something I need to stop doing!) I do feel more content!

So I will begin March without first scratching my progress into my little booklet and chant away!


Meet Romance Author Miranda Oh!


Canadian author Miranda Oh’s “Chin Up, Tits Out” motto rings through her series with every page. Read her interview below!

1. On your website, you say your motto is “to always have a chin up, tits
out attitude, no matter what!.” How is this attitude displayed in your
a. Our main character Hadley takes you on a wild ride through her
twenties, where life seemingly continues to throw her curve
balls. Through immigration struggles, a battle with cancer, and a
deep dark love story this girl consistently gets knocked down, but
insistently gets up, dusts herself off, tells herself to chin up tits
out and move on. With little golden nuggets of positivity and
enlightenment sprinkled throughout, I hope to evoke inspiration
and relatable raw emotions from my readers.

2. How would you define your writing style?
a. Spastic, just like me! The planning of the series and each book is
much more a-type personality. I have everything mapped out,
charted out, listed out etc. When it comes to the actually writing,
I have to be in the mood, and in the space. Most of the time, I
have some wine nearby, and minimum 4 hours to put into it.
Sometimes I can write a whole day easy as pie and sometimes I
can write for an hour, and feel like I am choking on each word
coming out. So if I’m in the mood, I am writing and I write until I
can’t anymore. Once I am done, I am SPENT!
3. Where do you get your inspiration for your books?
a. Real Life, eh! Reality is often stranger than fiction. I have always
been a curious person, I love to learn about people, and how
they function, process etc. With being open minded and going
through some pretty tough stuff in my twenties, I thought what
better way to process and heal myself and also relate and
connect to others out there, than to write it out and share it.
Thus, a fantastic trilogy came of it.

4. There are currently 3 books in the “Chin Up, Tits Out” series. Can we
expect more installments in the future?
a. I am so excited for the future, we never know all the possibilities
that could happen for us. With that said, one thing for sure is that
you will be seeing more from me, I am currently mapping out,
scheduling and formulating my research plan for my second
series. This is a huge project in the undertaking for my new
series. I am eager to start it, I am scheduled to start in March
2020. Chin Up Tits Out has been an amazingly wild ride, I will
always strive to share that idea and that life motto.