204 Days & 300 Hours Later…

Happy Leap Year Day!

In August I officially joined SGI, and when I did I was given a booklet to record my chanting (in 15 minute increments, represented in the booklet by 300 circles).

Diligently I tracked my chanting. But the Neurotic Me quickly developed an issue;

I began recording in the book on August 9th, and I really wanted to finish the first page (30 hours worth) in August (see my The Chanting Marathon Experiment here– I chanted 12.75 hours August 31!).

So now, 6 months later, I’m on the polar end of the situation and I want to END recording in the little booklet in February. As luck would have it, we have an extra day this month, which I put to good use by chanting and finished the booklet by chanting 4 hours this morning!

This month it occurred to me that I might do better not recording my chanting ( I know some Nichiren Buddhists do whereas others do not). So having freed myself from the “need to record” neuroses, I can open my new Gohonzon, pick up my beads (which, btw, are already showing wear) and chant to my heart’s content!

I had decided that by the time I had filled the booklet up, I would have decided if Nichiren Buddhism and chanting were for me. After 6 months and 300 hours, chanting has become almost habitual for me. I really enjoy the new friends I’ve made and if I don’t allow myself to be distracted by my phone (something I need to stop doing!) I do feel more content!

So I will begin March without first scratching my progress into my little booklet and chant away!


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