Meet Author Becky Muth!

🌻 “Coffee is my spirit animal.” ~ Becky Muth

Becky Muth is a coffee addict who lives in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia with her husband and their adult sons. Born under the sign of a coffee bean, when she isn’t writing or spending time with her family Becky enjoys knitting, reading, and binge watching TV with her dogs. Read her interview below!

1. You write sweet romance, romantic suspense, and cozy mysteries. Of the 3, do you enjoy writing one more than the other? I love writing all three genres. I’ve always loved mysteries, but they take a bit more work for me than the romance books do because of the various suspects, red herrings, etc.
2. Can you describe your creative process? Any rituals to stimulate your creativity?
As for creative processes, I write the first couple of chapters and then create a list of things I know are going to happen. After sorting the list into chronological order (while leaving room for the unexpected), I try to follow it as best as I can along the way.
If it’s super quiet, I can’t write. But when it’s chaotic? Look out! Some of my best writing happened when my sons were playing video games, my husband was on the phone, the dogs were barking, and the television was blaring–all at the same time. Sometimes when I’m the only one home I’ll play some ambient noise playlists through Spotify. My favorites are ocean waves, coffee shops, and thunderstorms.

3. Where can one purchase your books?
My books are available at

4. What are you currently working on?  
I’m writing a romance called NO TIME FOR FAIRY TALES, which follows NO TIME FOR LATTES which released in February from Sweet Promise Press. I’m also finishing up THE DEADLY DUST BUNNIES, which is the second book in the Haunted Housekeeping series. The first book, THE SQUEAKY CLEAN SKELETON, releases on April 10th also from Sweet Promise Press.

Do everything in love. ~ 1 Corinthians 16:14

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