Meet Author and Publisher Colleen Tews!

Colleen Tews is both a publisher and author of paranormal urban fantasy. If you’re a fan of vampires, romance and suspense, check her out! Read her interview below.

1. Can you describe your writing style? My writing style can be described as WTF mixed with dry humor. I want a movie to play in the reader’s mind, make the fiction as real as possible and make you think that what the character’s do is either logical, horrifying, or hilarious. Why funny? Because we need it to balance the dark scenes. You can’t have drama without comedy when your goal is to flesh out the world.

2.  What do you enjoy most about writing paranormal? Its boundless. Anything is possible and plausible. Being able to examine human behavior in extremes is sexy to me.

3. Besides writing, you also own Delphian Hope Publishing. How do you balance writing, publishing and your daily life?I don’t balance it well at all. But that’s more me feeling overwhelmed, then not being able to handle the work. PTSD and anxiety can be rough. On good days I can slam out 20 thousand words, edit a couple chapters, and still have time to read a manuscript an author set in. As of right now, I’ve only published my work, including created my own cover art. During this pandemic I will be writing out my five year business plan. Once that is done a posting for submissions will go up on Delphian Hope Publishing’s Facebook page.

4. Do you have a current work in progress?  Currently, I’m working on a new edition of the second book in the Shadow Faith Series, Virus Within. Don’t worry it has nothing to do with the coronavirus. All the books in the series have a word with the letter ‘V’. This new edition will be out in May. Then in late August the third book, ‘Vindication’, will be available to read. All of my books are available in ebook wherever they’re sold, paperback on Amazon, and audiobook by the time ‘Vindication’ releases.

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