One Month In to my 56th Year

So last month I turned 55. My first birthday spent during quarantine.

Were I more of an introvert, this isolation wouldn’t be so difficult, I imagine. But last year, after seeing myself through a difficult time, I dove head-first into socializing and joined 3 groups. One of them being a local Red Hat chapter.

Ready and willing to be as involved as I could, I became Secretary and was having the time of my life meeting some fantastic Red Hatters. Silliness and individuality is encouraged in Red Hats, which fed my soul deliciously, and I looked forward to our monthly meetings and other events.

And then CoVid19 sent the world screeching to a halt.

Not knowing when I’d join my Red Hat sisters again, I determined to remain hopeful that we would–soon! And to keep my own spirits up I decided to add to a growing collection of pins.

My bowler-style red hat is already well-adorned with pins, and I didn’t want to encrust it with rhinestones completely, so I purchased red beauty-pageant style sash. Plenty of room for pins now! So when I’m back with the Sassie Lassies, I’ll be decked out with all my new accoutrements. I’m looking so forward to that!

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