What a Difference a Year Makes

Photo by Bich Tran on Pexels.com

This time last year I was just emerging from a bad place. Even in the throes of such misery, I knew better times were ahead.

Now, this year, despite Covid19 still running rampant and basic human rights ignored and denied in our own country, I am extremely happy in my own personal life. A happy result of last year’s trials was that I made the acquaintance of a plethora of remarkable people I otherwise would never have met. They have blessed and enriched my life greatly.

So we’re mid-way through 2020 (you can be THIS year will go down in history as a helluva weird one!) and I shudder to think what the NEXT 6 months hold for humanity and the planet, and yet I am exhilarated. We’re living through extraordinary times, I tell myself. I am constantly thankful that the handful of humanity that I know and love remain safe and well.

So this little post is meant as encouragement for those who find themselves in their own personal dark places. There IS an end to it and things WILL improve, despite the adjustments ( i.e. mask-wearing) we may have to make.

So to those who are in such places, hold on. If I can survive 2019, you can survive 2020.

Stay safe and well and I’ll see you on the other side.

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