Gullibility vs. Cynicism

I have a friend who happens to be a very logical, analytical-minded toxicologist. I’m thankful she never goes all science-y on me and starts talking about subjects that soar above my comprehension, although she easily could! Instead, this delightful lady also sees the validity of what’s been called pseudo sciences; namely astrology, numerology and palmistry.

Admittedly, I have been called gullible, especially in my younger years. Now, being a little more—ahem— mature-minded, I have learned to take things with several grains of salt. That said, life has also taught me to keep an open mind.

In today’s polarizing time of divisive politics and rampant fear-mongering fueled by this relentless pandemic, it can be hard to glean what’s factual and what’s not. It sickens the heart to see people living their lives driven by fear, hatred and narrow mindedness in the 21st century. Part of me (that indelibly gullible part) finds it difficult to believe that humanity hasn’t evolved further than it has and we haven’t left those obnoxious, poisonous mindsets buried deep in the 20th century.

And then the older, wiser, more cynical me just shakes her head resignedly and reminds herself that a great portion of humanity simply sucks.

Although it can be incredibly difficult to remain upbeat when you can’t leave your home without a mask and are constantly bombarded with disheartening news, it is possible to maintain a positive attitude. I hear and I listen, and balance that information with common sense. It can be challenging, but as long as we adhere to that balance, we can conquer any obstacles.

Believe nothing, no matter who has said it, even if I have said it, if it doesn’t agree with your own common sense.


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