If a little’s good, a lot’s better

Photo by Tucu0103 Bianca on Pexels.com

Less is More.

That’s a valid concept and very true in countless situations. Unless, like me, you subscribe to the oposing adage, If a little’s good, a lot’s better.

One evening, over 30 years ago, I decided to burn the remnants of a Pumpkin Spice candle ( a Yankee candle, contained in a glass jar complete with a lid). I love to burn that scent in Autumn.

Sitting in my living room with our first kitten, Mocha, for my only company, it occurred to me that I had about a tablespoon of pumpkin spice seasoning in the cupboard that was probably expired. I got the brilliant idea that if I sprinkled a little of it into the candle, it would enhance the candle’s fragrance.

So I did.

I returned to my chair and read or crocheted ( don’t remember exactly) when I thought to myself, there’s such a little bit left of that pumpkin pie spice I might as well add it to the candle.

So I did.

Returning again to my chair and resuming my evening pastime, I enjoyed the fortified scent of the candle, content and peaceful, just me and my kitten.

Eventually, sweet little kitten Mocha stopped wrestling with her toy and sat in front of the end table upon which burned the candle. I glanced at the candle just in time to see a mini conflagration burst from the confines of the glass jar.


Luckily, the candle’s lid was right next to the candle, and I quickly slapped it on, smothering the flames.

Mocha looked from the extinguished candle to me and blinked, seemingly unimpressed.

I still to this day struggle with the ” if a little’s good, a lot’s better” mindset, but I’m learning (slowly) to appreciate moderation.

I don’t always practice it, but I appreciate it.

Now excuse me while I plug in my scented wax burner.

No more open flames for me!

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