The Mascot, the Icon and the Aspiration

Although at times it can be scary contemplating the future (especially in this post-Covid world), I am buoyed by 3 aspects of my own personality, represented by 3 very differing archetypes.


Childhood Saturday mornings were spent staring and the test pattern in its shades of gray until 6am when cartoons came on. Always a fan of Looney Tunes, Daffy was a favorite character. After hitting adulthood, I embraced Daffy as my personal mascot, reminding me to be silly and never take myself (or anyone or anything) too seriously.


I’ve blogged about my beloved icon before so I won’t repeat myself here, other than to reiterate that this paleolithic masterpiece speaks deeply to my soul, teaching me to find beauty in my own aging, plus-sized body as well as in the bodies of others who don’t fit the social standards of physical perfection.


This Buddhist bodhisattva of Compassion is imbibed with a gentleness I aspire to. While Willie represents Mother Earth and abundance, Kwan Yin is more ethereal. She’s the image of serenity and benevolence I aspire to.

So those are my Big Three. I’ve adorned myself with jewelry, clothing and tattoos of each one. Their likenesses can be found all over our house. It makes me happy to look at them, and reminds me that despite all that’s wrong in this world, I can always find solace and in my archetypal support system.

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