I’m a RHS Queen!

As they say, I did a thing.

After being a Red Hat Society Member for over a year, I paid the extra $19/year and became a Queen. Not only that, I’m creating my own Chapter!


Well, I joined a chapter last year, but was disappointed to learn that our Queen let her Queenship lapse and the chapter wasn’t an official one. I was told nobody else in the “chapter” was a paying Red Hat member and it was suggested that the presently-defunct’s Queen shouldn’t have to pay her own dues but that the members should reimburse her for it. My question was Why? I’ve paid for MY membership.

So I am bidding that unofficial chapter adieu and have created Willie’s Red Hat Women. And can you guess who our official Mascot is?!

I only applied for my chapter yesterday so I’m waiting for it to become official so I have established a private Facebook group. We have 3 members already!

Although I am an author, I’m not promoting The Puritan Chronicles on my RHS page; that’s what my author page is for. However, Willie’s Women will promote reading and book discussion, as well as friendship. With Willie for our Mascot, this chapter will also promote positive body image. And FRIENDSHIP! And LAUGHTER!

I’m so excited about this and just BRIMMING with ideas for my new chapter!

This is the brightest, cheeriest development of 2020 for me!

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