Lucille Ball Moment # 246

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Yesterday evening while Dave crossed the street to speak with a neighbor, I finished my nightly routine by putting my jammies on, arranging my pillows and climbing into bed with my iPad for some Netflix watching. Lily, always happy to join me at bedtime, perched herself on the dresser and washed her pristine white fur. I rested the iPad at an unfortunate angle on Dave’s pillow (wherein lies yet ANOTHER tale, but that’s for another time), but even more unfortunately, the head of the bed was about 2inches from the wall.

Predictably, the iPad slid off the pillow only to rest between the wall and the mattress.

For someone of normal size and with knees lacking arthritis, this would not pose a problem.

I reached between the wall and mattress, and my fingertips just brushed the errant iPad.

Thinking I could reach it better from a different angle, I gingerly abandoned the bed and, avoiding putting pressure on my aforementioned painful knees, rested on my side on the floor between the bed and my dresser.

Alas, the iPad was even further from my grasp.

Sitting up, I could not hoist myself to my feet without putting pressure on my knees, and with Dave nowhere near earshot with only Lily observing me from the dresser with a curious look on her face, I decided my best option was to scoot out of the bedroom, into the hallway and to the landing until I got to the stairway. Afterwhich, I would pull myself up from the banister.

With all the grace and poise of sea lion, I proceeded to do just that.

Not knowing when Dave would return (and he hadn’t taken his phone with him), I wrote on a sticky note, I Need Help, and added a smiley face just so he’d know it wasn’t a serious “call 911” type of matter. Then I place the sticky note on the front door above the knob so he’d be sure to see it when he returned.

But he stayed away longer than expected, so I decided to try once again to reach the unobtainable iPad. So I clambered up to the bedroom, and carefully laid myself prone on the mattress.


My fingertips made precarious purchase on the wayward iPad, and I was able to retrieve it after all!

Of course now the Post-It note was moot, so I once again descended the stairs and removed the distress note from the door.

A few moments later while sitting up in bed with the iPad securely in hand, I heard Dave return.

After 34 years, he’s used to my frequent Lucille Ball Moments, and in his sweet, low-key way, just smiled and shook his head after I told him about this latest incident.

So the lesson I learned here was; make sure the mattress is as close to the wall as possible, but keep in mind that should I find myself in a similar situation ever again, I can get myself out of it with no assistance.

And next time Dave leaves the house, make sure he takes his damn phone!

3 thoughts on “Lucille Ball Moment # 246

  1. Thank you for sharing this unfortunate incident that you turned into fortune! The laughs and memories of my similar experiences through the years make me happy— especially at the good outcome. YOU ROCK, GIRL!

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