The ROSe Project

After gleefully posting on Facebook that I got my RHS queenship, I was immediately attacked by a member of my basically-defunct and not-legit group calling me « childish and rude » for not telling them about it first.

Until I smudged that uncalled-for negativity away, I felt icky, but now I’m all fresh & shiny again!

Watching a video on YouTube, I heard someone call someone else a POS (a piece of 💩).

More negativity!

I’d rather be called a ROS ( ray of☀️sunshine)!

💡 💡 💡

Since my RHS chapter will focus on positivity, I decided to utilize ROS energy by tacking on a small e on the end. And voila! I created the ROSe 🌹 project!

If anyone has encouraged you, assisted you, supported you in any way, they were a ROSe, as are you when are also kind and compassionate to others.

My little ROSe 🌹 project isn’t just for my Willie’s Women Chapterettes, so please feel to share any anecdotes you may have about when you have encountered a ROSe 🌹 or were one for someone else.

Whenever you can, be a ROSe!🌹

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