November’s Book Recommendations

My Willie’s Women Book Discussion was small but lively this month. Christine’s friend Mary Pat was our guest, a new RHS member and it was a pleasure to meet her and I hope she joins us again soon!

BERTHA-ROSE is currently reading her local book club’s December selection, The Big Finish by Brooke Fossey. Bertha-Rose calls it a “fun, light story”. The blurb on Amazon reads;

For Duffy Sinclair, life boils down to one simple thing: maintaining his residence at the idyllic Centennial Assisted Living. Without it, he’s destined for the roach-infested nursing home down the road—and after wasting the first eighty-eight years of his life, he refuses to waste away for the rest. So, he keeps his shenanigans to the bare minimum with the help of his straight-laced best friend and roommate, Carl Upton.But when Carl’s granddaughter Josie climbs through their bedroom window with booze on her breath and a black eye, Duffy’s faced with trouble that’s sticking around and hard to hide—from Centennial’s management and Josie’s toxic boyfriend. Before he knows it, he’s running a covert operation that includes hitchhiking and barhopping.He might as well write himself a one-way ticket to the nursing home…or the morgue. Yet Duffy’s all in. Because thanks to an unlikely friendship that becomes fast family—his life doesn’t boil down the same anymore. Not when he finally has a chance to leave a legacy.

KARI is a doll enthusiast and mentioned 2 magazines she subscribes to; Doll Castle News and the United Federation of Dolls’ publication, Doll News. The later is for UFDC members only. During a recent RHS Zoom chat, Kari shared with us some of her Snow White doll collection. If you have a similar interest, you’re probably aware of these publications.

CHRISTINE recently finished the Elizabeth Peters books she’s mentioned in the past and this month mentioned Janet Evanovich’s 27th Stephanie Plum novel, Fortune and Glory. This is a popular and fun series and Christine seemed to really enjoy this 27th book.

PENI JO Lady Clementine by Marie Benedict is another great book by this author. It tells the tale of Winston Churchill’s wife Clementine, and what remarkable lady she was. I highly recommend this author for anyone looking for books on women in history.

Next meeting is Dec. 14 at 3pm Eastern.

If I’d been this popular in high school I’d have been Homecoming Queen

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People ask me if I have been writing, particularly working on Book #4, which continues to be as elusive as a golden unicorn. Well, besides the Muses having abandoned me, I don’t manage time well. Take today for example;

I have established quite a set daily routine which includes lots of socializing (online, of course, since this IS post COVID). My online friends mean a lot to me and I especially enjoy videochatting with them.

Yesterday was Myreille’s birthday so I messaged her and asked if she’d like to Facetime. She declined, since she was expecting a lot of birthday wishes. So we planned to Facetime this morning.

Just as Dave and I were leaving to take our walk, Myreille messages me Can you Facetime now?

No, I reply. But I will message you when we return from our walk, to which she agrees.

The moment we walk in the door, another friend, Leigh Ann, texts, Can you facetime?

I tell her no, maybe this afternoon. Then I message Myreille, saying I am ready, but she is on the phone with her sister. So I get back to Leigh Ann . She is a Red Hat Sister and reminded me about a Red Hat chat at 2pm my time. I decline to attend because I plan to boggle on one site with a friend at 3pm then go to ANOTHER site where I meet other friends and boggle.

Immediately after ending that Facetime session, Myreille messages that she is free. So she and I have a wonderful videochat for about an hour.

All this before 11am!

So no, I haven’t been writing. Unless you count this occasional blogging. As I mentioned, I am not good at managing my time, but I treasure my friends and I’ll juggle videochatting 20 of them in one day if I have to!