If I’d been this popular in high school I’d have been Homecoming Queen

Photo by Cristian Dina on Pexels.com

People ask me if I have been writing, particularly working on Book #4, which continues to be as elusive as a golden unicorn. Well, besides the Muses having abandoned me, I don’t manage time well. Take today for example;

I have established quite a set daily routine which includes lots of socializing (online, of course, since this IS post COVID). My online friends mean a lot to me and I especially enjoy videochatting with them.

Yesterday was Myreille’s birthday so I messaged her and asked if she’d like to Facetime. She declined, since she was expecting a lot of birthday wishes. So we planned to Facetime this morning.

Just as Dave and I were leaving to take our walk, Myreille messages me Can you Facetime now?

No, I reply. But I will message you when we return from our walk, to which she agrees.

The moment we walk in the door, another friend, Leigh Ann, texts, Can you facetime?

I tell her no, maybe this afternoon. Then I message Myreille, saying I am ready, but she is on the phone with her sister. So I get back to Leigh Ann . She is a Red Hat Sister and reminded me about a Red Hat chat at 2pm my time. I decline to attend because I plan to boggle on one site with a friend at 3pm then go to ANOTHER site where I meet other friends and boggle.

Immediately after ending that Facetime session, Myreille messages that she is free. So she and I have a wonderful videochat for about an hour.

All this before 11am!

So no, I haven’t been writing. Unless you count this occasional blogging. As I mentioned, I am not good at managing my time, but I treasure my friends and I’ll juggle videochatting 20 of them in one day if I have to!

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