Dave is presently enamored with a local diner and just adores everything on their menu. So much so, he insists we dine there at least once a week.

I, however, don’t enjoy the experience as much as he. Why?

1. Very few items are not fried or breaded. That leaves me with very few choices that are low -points on my meal plan.

2. Dave himself is diabetic & doesn’t need the carbs and fat in HIS diet either.

3. COVID! The diner does take steps to keep us safe but I still do not want to venture out if I don’t have to.

So I offered a compromise; I encouraged him to go to the diner every Friday by himself & I would accompany him once a month.

After I had repeated this suggestion at least twice and reassuring him for maybe the tenth time I wouldn’t MIND him going by himself, he thinks for a minute & says, “So I’ll still go every Friday and you come with me once a month.”

Why a man never hears anything for the first time I’ll never know.

Remember; compromise is fundamental to a happy marriage!

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