Here’s to 2021!

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Here’s to 2021

As we kiss good-bye to that son of a gun,

2020–good riddance, you!

With a Super Bug worse than the flu!

’21, full of promise and cheer,

See us safely through this year.

No headlines filled with gloom and doom,

Instead, allow hope and peace to bloom.

May the Powers That Be have level heads

and compassion in their hearts.

No greed, no pride, no selfishness

As our leaders fill their parts

Inspiring and guiding through crisis and strife

Listening to and supporting each precious life.

This is my wish, my plea, my call

That 2021 is good to all!

2 thoughts on “Here’s to 2021!

  1. Very nice poem, Peni!
    Here’s mine: 😉

    COVID Stole My Christmas

    The holidays will soon be here
    And normally so would Christmas cheer
    But COVID’s led to altered plans
    And travel wise has bound our hands

    The nasty virus leaves its traces
    Especially in public places
    We can’t go out and that is that
    Unless you are a Democrat

    We’re told to isolate alone
    And not go out or leave our home
    This is what the boss demands
    And this my friends is where it stands

    But where would be the fun in that
    If all alone at home we sat
    If we cannot see our friends or kids
    And all the rest the boss forbids

    I’m all for safety, don’t get me wrong
    But we do need laughter, we do need song
    We need to gather in one place
    And intermingle face to face

    So I’ll wash my hands, put on my mask
    And do most of all the things you ask
    But where I’ll be on Christmas Eve
    Is with my clan you best believe.


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