Calling All ROSes; 2021 Needs You!

I started the year off creating red roses from glitter-infused felt as part of my Be A ROSe! campaign. I’ve got all sorts of plans for how I’ll utilize them, and I was feeling pretty good and, dare I say hopeful, for 2021.

Then, less than a week into the New Year, insanity broke out.

Then, less than a week into the New Year, insanity breaks loose in our nation’s Capitol.

As precarious as a positive mindset can be for me to maintain, this sent me into a gray haze of depression, especially after witnessing divisive communications between some of my own loved ones. I was heartsick.

But no, I won’t engage in polarizing political discussions. I refuse to participate in it anymore because it’s pointless; trying to persuade someone to understand one’s point of view sometimes proves impossible.

I’ll adorn anything and everything I can think of with my roses! I’ll send rose-y cheer to others with an unexpected gift. I’ll happily do my part to be a ROSe for someone else.

So I’m done. Done with negativity. As I take up my sparkly red felt, I remember who and what I am and put everything positive— love, hope, joy and laughter— into each perfect rose 🌹!

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