The Rock ROSe of West Virginia

My friend Brenda is a true ROSe! She recently told me about a Facebook group she enjoys; Allegheny County Rocks. These nice folks paint a variety of images on rocks then leave their artwork for others to find. Read on to learn about Brenda and her rock-painting.

  1. How long have you been painting rocks and why do you do it? I have only started painting rocks in last 2 weeks. I used to paint rocks years ago, but quit when moved. It makes me feel good to pass along something that may make a person smile or feel good.
  2. Tell me about the rock group you’re in. I joined Alleghany Rocks on Facebook a few weeks ago when I found my 1st rock at the Cancer Center with a pink breast cancer symbol on it. Made my day finding it. Decided then I wanted to pass the joy along.
  3. Are there any specific qualities you look for in the rocks you select? Small, maybe the shape, just what feels right at the moment. I do know not take rocks from rivers & streams. It is illegal. Messes with the habitats of animals. No stealing rocks from landscaped areas. There are plenty of free, usable rocks.
  4. What sort of paint do you use? Acrylic or some use paint markers. I have even seen magic markers used. It is a good idea to seal rocks with a sealant to preserve the artwork.
  5. What do you hope someone feels when they encounter one of your painted rocks? I hope it brings joy, a smile. Some keep the rocks, some rehide them.

2 thoughts on “The Rock ROSe of West Virginia

  1. How neat (showing my age with THAT description LOL)… nice surprises! Love it! My Grandmother (that passed and I never knew her) was an artist, pianist, gardener and my younger sister had the art talent as well. I couldn’t even draw a picture In 6th Grade or color one – could not pick colors. >

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