Meet Author Veronica Patterson!

Veronica Patterson is the author of the brand new novel, A Family Divided. The blurb reads;

This is a story that lifts the veil and shows you a glimpse of what an Irish family underwent as immigrants. Aspiring to live the American Dream, rivalry between a father and son find themselves on divided lines, fighting for the beliefs and foundation of a country they view from different perspectives and hard truths.

I’m excited to introduce you to Veronica and her debut novel, as she is a distant cousin of mine. Read on to learn more about her and her writing endeavors!

1. Where do you get your inspiration? I got my inspiration as a child. I remember the moment clear as a day. I was very into history and old movies- classics and music. In fact I even had vinyl music ( in the 90s) and I was pretty consistent on listening to classical music and some oldies. I spent my youth waiting to go to the next antique shop, car show or heading to the museums. My Father walked into my room one day and I had hundreds of papers on the floor. He inquired as to what I was doing and I advised I was writing the sequel to ” Scarlett”. I remember he opened and shut my bedroom door a few times. However, his eyebrow went up in the amount of papers I had all around the room. I was one of those kids that academics came easy but my interest was always elsewhere involved in history. Within days my Father bought me a used set of encyclopedias and a typewriter ( I cherished). My Mother got me involved in the museum as a volunteer and we became re-enactors of many era’s. However, I was more interested in the generals of the Civil War and the soldiers and their thinking. In fact, historically I wanted to know everyones thoughts. I loved attending events and talking to the public on battlefields. And I enjoyed reading journals of soldiers and biographies. Well, my Mother ran into some unique family research. My family members moved here from Ireland and after immigrating found themselves on divided lines ( father against son) during the Civil War. I knew very well the conditions immigrants came into. My own family witnessed signs that said ” Irish need not apply”. How hard it was for them to become viewed as citizens. I was quite taken back that a father and a son found themselves on divided lines in such a huge war after the hardships of immigration . It was then ( around 9 years old) in my Mothers presence as she explained the story of our own family, that I decided to write a book based on the hardships of an Irish Immigrant family . And there I was , prepared- typewriter, knowledge and my Mother guiding my interest in history. I wanted to make them proud ( my ancestors) in some fashion that their efforts and what they went through would not be forgotten. That the obstacles they faced to become viewed as citizens would be known. The perfect way to accomplish this was by writing a book- So, I made my own story line to an Irish family I created. It lifts the veil and shows you a glimpse of what an Irish family underwent as immigrants . Sometimes, it takes a story to depict an event in history for people to connect too. Hopefully it inspires people to learn simply from another view.

2. How would you describe your writing process? Disciplined? Sporadic?
My writing I would like to believe is pretty disciplined. I know a lot of historical aspects of the way of life during this time. However, since I created the story-line I believe it does become sporadic. I wanted the aspects and perspectives of the time to be known in the book. My Mother always stated ” we need to learn from history so we don’t repeat past mistakes”. Learning about history includes the people of that time and how they viewed things. It’s easy to remember a date something was signed ,or a date a war began or ended. But to define the morale of people in this era is unique and most intriguing. I think it sheds a new light on the immigration that the Irish underwent and obstacles they had to endure.

3. Where can your book be purchased? My book can be purchased on Amazon, Walmart, Barnes and Noble as well as Esquire Publications.

4. Can we expect more books from you in the future? My goal was a novel and it was completed. However, I may turn a page and try my hands at another one. I can’t make any promises but I may focus on the Roaring 20s. I have immense feedback on people interested in this book and it has made me change my own perspective on accomplishing a goal vs. applying your talent to something meaningful in life. History being told is important. In fact it is vital to move forward. If I can inspire one reader to view something in a different light then I made an impact. That is a good feeling. And I may just turn the page to do it again.

5 thoughts on “Meet Author Veronica Patterson!

  1. Peni, letting you and the author know that the link in this blog does not take me to the book. It does go to Amazon where I searched books by “A Family Divided” and it did not come up. I’ll try Barnes and Noble because I am interested in the book. My maternal grandmother was an Irish Immigrant.

    Carol Ashley 💁🏼


  2. My daughter from another Mother..I’m so proud of the woman you’ve become..I love you to the moon and back..can’t wait for the next one


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