On Domesticity Part 2; Those Last Tablespoonfuls

Photo by Katerina Holmes on Pexels.com

I have learned, in the course of 34 years of marriage, to always allow Dave to serve himself FIRST when we’re having anything in a pot like chili or soup.


Because always, without fail, he will leave approximately 2 tablespoons of said chili or soup in the saucepan.

Being raised by Depression-era parents, it was ingrained into my young psyche early that one does not waste food ( full-fledged member of the Clean Plate Club. To this day I still hear Dad command, “Finish that now; don’t let it go to waste.”). So I have a full-blown neurosis about wasting food, to put it mildly.

Unlike Dad, however, I don’t mind if Dave leaves uneaten portions on his plate; that’s fine. My issue is leaving—and I reiterate—2 tablespoons in the saucepan. Why? Why not be sure to get the dregs in the pan? If it’s to fuel my longstanding neurotic tendencies about food, then bravo dear husband! You’ve succeeded.

But, like with everything else (except my joints and bladder), I improve with age. I learn to work around my neurotic triggers, like being sure to empty the saucepan only after Dave has taken his portion.

Working out little solutions like that is what keeps our marriage so happy and my neurosis in check!

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