The ROSe Tribe reaches 1 Dozen!

ROSe stands for Ray Of Sunshine

With great delight, I’m happy to announce my own Red Hats Chapter, #701501, Willie’s Red Hat Women, has reached 1 dozen members making us The Divine Dozen ROSes! And in appreciation for each of my chapterettes, I’m starting a ROSe of the Month drawing. Each month I’ll draw a name from a (red, of course!) hat and that person will get a small gift!

Did I mention Willie’s Women expands 3 countries and 2 continents?! We are spreading joyful sunshine all over the world!

Considering the mental state I was in 2 years ago, I am in a much better place now. Two solid pillars of which are 1. Staying creative and 2. Staying social! With the pandemic, being social took a dreadful hit, but thanks to videochatting we’re able to make MORE friends all over the world. So that is the silver lining in the lingering pandemic cloud.

I accept that my creativity wanders. I know so many want me to get to work on Book #4, but the Muses refuse to cooperate on that front. Instead, they lead me in different directions, like this sporadic blogging (hey, it’s still writing, right?). They (the Muses, I mean) whisper, “order some sparkly yarn/sequin fabric/feathers,” and I utilize them in fun creative ways. And therein lies such a source of joy for myself it can’t help but spill over into the lives of others.

Almost a month into 2021, and I happy and grateful. Stay well and safe, my friends!

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