Fun With Willie

Willie’s growing collection of headgear

RHS Chapter #701501’s mascot has recently added to her chapeau collection!

Willie, aka PaleoRose, has become my best Muse. As we continue to hunker down awaiting our turn for the vaccine, my creativity has turned to adorning Willie with customized headgear. I even have an idea for a tiny bra hat! ( hear that, Creative Rose? ) I’m also considering a flapper-style cloche hat and sun bonnet!

At this rate I may have to host a fashion show featuring these tiny creations; and for that I plan to turn to at least 2 of my chapter members ( and I mean YOU, Creative Rose and Butterfly Rose!)

Stay productive and creative, and remember, whenever you can, Be A ROSe!

Meet Tanya Diable, founder of JoeysPaw! is a nonprofit organization that provides prosthetics and wheelchairs for dogs (and cats!) who need them. The founder, Tanya Diable, has written a children’s book. Bow Tie Boone. Proceeds go to helping the animals in need. Read on to learn more about this animal-loving charity!

1. Why did you create I created Joeys P.A.W. for my dog Joey. We knew when we adopted him we couldn’t fix his rear legs but we could do something to help other people adopt dogs that are special needs but couldn’t afford the wheelchair or a prosthetic that that dog required.

2. What inspired you to write Bow Tie Boone? My dog Boone inspired me to write a Bow Tie Boone. He has overcome so much in his short little life and is such an inspiration to so many I felt his journey needed to be documented.

3. How can people support you can donate and learn more about our non profit on our website  

4. Where can one purchase your book and/or learn more about you can purchase the book :

February Book Discussion

A small but eager group of Willie’s Women met this month to discuss books they’re currently reading and those they’ve enjoyed in the past. A variety of genres were discussed!

BERTHA ROSE has finished The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett, her recommendation from last month. She is currently reading Barack Obama’s A Promised Land. Bertha Rose is very impressed with the respect President Obama has for his wife and daughters. She’s listening to the audiobook, which he narrates himself. Bertha Rose later mentioned a recent book about the Dionne Quintuplets, The Miracle and Tragedy of the Dionne Quintuplets by Sarah Miller.

CAROLE thoroughly enjoyed Michelle Obama’s Becoming.

CHRISTINE had several recommendations. She’s currently reading Reckless Abandon, #4 in Stuart Woods’ Holly Barker Series. She also just started Rules of Civility by Amor Towles, the author of A Gentleman In Moscow, which Christine recommended last month. Christine has also started reading a NEW series, Murder at Archly Manor by Sara Rosett. This is Book 1 in the High Society Lady Detective series. Next, Christine treated us to a few passages from Sue Monk Kidd’s The Book of Longings. Lastly, Christine mentioned yet another series, Luanne Rice’s Hubbard’s Point/Black Hall Series Book 1, Firefly Beach.

PENI JO: Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng was suggested to me by my sister Judy. A family deals with the drowning of their daughter, and the characters are well-developed but there are time shifts that sort of threw me off and the pace was a bit slow for my tastes. Redhead By The Side of the Road by Ann Tyler was my local book club’s selection for February. Well-written with very 3-dimensional characters. First mentioned to me by my English friend, Jenny. No Time Like the Future; An Optimist Considers Mortality by Michael J. Fox is Fox’s latest autobiographical publication. He describes his past 30 years with Parkinson’s Disease, and a back surgery that really affected his spirits. I’ve been a fan of his for years and it’s good to know despite the progression of the disease, he’s still witty and upbeat.

As always, click on the links for more information on each book. We meet again on Zoom March 8.

Meet Romance Author Lawna Mackie!

Appropriate for upcoming Valentine’s Day, we have Canadian romance author Lawna Mackie for February! Read on to learn about this Alberta native.

1. Your bio mentions you write “various forms of romance…contemporary, paranormal…fantasy…erotica.” Do you have a favorite among them?

I do write many different forms of romance and the truth is that I love them all. Fortunately, I have the ability to write in many different genres. When I need a break from the normal everyday contemporary romances, I switch it up and move to fantasy. Fantasy allows me to break the rules. I create the world however I want it to be. Creature creations are my favorite and not so hard when you have an overactive imagination that kicks into gear when you go to sleep at night. Just add milk and cookies before bedtime and ta-daaah creature creations come about.

Psychological thrillers/suspense are also fabulous to write because I love to keep the readers guessing right until the very end. Then as my website states I also have a bunch of “Naughty Characters” …could be erotica…could be a bad guy or creature. My books will keep you guessing. Heck, they keep me guessing which leads nicely into the next question.

2. How would you describe your writing style?

  1. Guilty…I’m a pantser, which means I write flying by the seat of my pants. My characters tell the story, taking me along on an adventure with them. I guess I do a little bit of plotting, but not much, just enough to see the story through to the end. I get up at five in the morning to write. I also have a few hours in the evening but most of my word count comes from the weekend time.

While the majority of what I write is done on the computer frantically typing away, I also like to use a good old-fashioned pen and paper. I don’t know what it is, but there is something liberating about being able to write on paper.

3. How do you spend your time when you’re not writing romance? I love spending time with my animals and my husband. We love the outdoors and I live for camping where we take all the critters…even the cats, who by the way are never on leashes. They are free to roam where they wish (granted we do not camp anywhere near others). The cats even come hiking with us. My crazy felines never get lost and they also come back home to us.

4. Where can your books be purchased? My books can be purchased directly from my website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, and Apple. Hint..they are cheaper on my website when you buy direct from me!