Meet Tanya Diable, founder of JoeysPaw! is a nonprofit organization that provides prosthetics and wheelchairs for dogs (and cats!) who need them. The founder, Tanya Diable, has written a children’s book. Bow Tie Boone. Proceeds go to helping the animals in need. Read on to learn more about this animal-loving charity!

1. Why did you create I created Joeys P.A.W. for my dog Joey. We knew when we adopted him we couldn’t fix his rear legs but we could do something to help other people adopt dogs that are special needs but couldn’t afford the wheelchair or a prosthetic that that dog required.

2. What inspired you to write Bow Tie Boone? My dog Boone inspired me to write a Bow Tie Boone. He has overcome so much in his short little life and is such an inspiration to so many I felt his journey needed to be documented.

3. How can people support you can donate and learn more about our non profit on our website  

4. Where can one purchase your book and/or learn more about you can purchase the book :

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