Meet Authors Mary Elizabeth Jackson and Thornton Cline!

Mary Elizabeth Jackson and Thornton Cline, along with illustrator Alice Antimie, have created a lovable cherub in the Poohlicious series.

1. Did a particular child in your personal life(ves) inspire the creation of Precious Poohlicious?
1. Yes the first book and the series were inspired by my surprise son I had very late in my life. He stopped growing near the end of my pregnancy and the doctors did not think he would survive the birth. After the birth I had a post surgical infection the doctors were not sure I would survive. In a space of complete gratitude for both of us surviving came the first book. He continues to inspire me everyday.

2. How did the 2 of you decide to collaborate in the production of this series?
2. I wrote the first book in 2013 and did not do anything initially with it because I was not sure where to find a publisher and how to go about the process. Thornton Cline and I were introduced from a mutual friend. Thornton read my manuscript, fell in love with it and asked if he could write 10 original songs for it. My daughters recorded the sweet songs in Thornton’s studio. We connected creatively so well and decided to write the next two books together. We have a middle grade reader coming out in the next several months. During the pandemic we wrote an adult motivational book that will come out later this year.

3. Do you have a preference for writing for children or adults?
3. I love writing empowering books for kids. I could write children’s books everyday. I am so inspired by children and the way they see the world so I write from the child’s point of view. I am an advocate for special needs and disabilities and am working on an eight-book-series that will include children of varying challenges and needs. These books will feature The 8 Keys of Excellence, mindfulness, emotional self-regulation, and social skills. Having said this I am moving to include adult books in my library. I am writing a book about being an empath in this world today. After that is done I will write a YA book based on true life events.

4. The other books in the Poohlicious Series are Poohlicious Look At Me and Poohlicious Oh The Wonder Of Me. Can we expect many more Poohlicious books in the future? 4. My intention was to write this book series along the life of my son as he grew. He has grown faster than the books have come out but I will include a few more in the series. I have other children’s books written that are not in the series waiting to be illustrated that will publish in the near future. These were inspired by him as well. As long as the inspiration is there I will write.

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