Meet Author Erin Royce!

Canadian author Erin Royce has written Mommy Why? , a book to help parents answer questions their very young children might pose to them. Read below to learn about this author!

1. What inspired you to write Mommy Why? The thousand and one questions from my daughter asked a thousand and one times! Every question posed and answer given in “Mommy, Why?” was from real life experiences with my daughter. I looked for books online and in the bookstore to address what my daughter was asking me, what perhaps many kids were asking parents and I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for. I thought, well, I use to write, I love books, I’m mom, I know “a few things”, why don’t I just address her questions in my own book. Then I thought, wholly smokes, am I actually going to do this!! Yep, I guess I am!
2. Do you plan to write for other age groups as well?
I’m not certain yet – at present the other story lines I am working on will likely be within the 6-10yr age. This said, I wouldn’t rule out any age group – what I write,why and to what age group will be a combination of what interests me, what experiences I have had, and timing of what stories are a good fit in the moment. I just had recent conversations with very old friends of mine suggesting I write about the “many ” conversations of life experiences we’ve had as adults and during our growing up years, as subject for story lines, this also would be an interesting avenue and age group to consider.
3. What was the most rewarding part of the writing process for you? 1) The writing itself, seeing the story develop with each pen stroke, it was so fun, exciting and it felt “right” to be sitting down with pen to paper after such a long time. Secondly, when I held my first copy of Mommy, Why? in my hands. It was rewarding and surreal completing something that I had to learn each step from scratch along the way –  what needed to be done, why and when, and to continue the process regardless of how daunting it was, and still can be.
Most challenging? Marketing and selling books – this is still and probably always will be the most challenging aspect of the literary process for me.

4. What can we expect from Erin Royce in the future? Hopefully more worlds that people of different ages will be able to lose themselves in, in the very best way and feel better for it each and every time.

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