Meet Author Shane Wilson!

Shane Wilson is the author of Smoke in His Eyes, A Magical Realism, Musical Novel, among other scifi/ fantasy novels. A musician and composer, he graduated from Valdosta State  University in South Georgia with a Masters in English. Read on to learn more about this talented artist!

1.You have a great talent for melding storytelling and music. What challenges, if any,  do you face in pairing the two?

I don’t think there is any melding going on here at all, really. I think music is storytelling, and any many ways any creative output is musical. A novel is written with a particular rhythm and linguistic economy. It’s not the same as a song, but it’s also not entirely different. 

I posit that all storytelling is music, and all music is storytelling. 

2. Where do you draw your novels’ inspiration from?

I do my best to mine all aspects of lived experience for story ideas. Sometimes, those ideas may take the shape of a novel or short story, and sometimes they may be a song. Life is an inspiring and magical endeavor, and it provided plenty of fodder if you remain receptive to its many beautiful and terrible experiences. 

Now, how those lived moments translate into the specific stories I write is something I’m not sure I understand. I suppose I take the basic (sometimes boring) idea and just start to slowly turn up the emotional intensity until it looks like something people might enjoy reading.

3. How would you describe your writing style?

I try to write fiction that travels the space between the sacred and the profane, the sublime and the ugly, the perverse and the pure. I like to use rough language when it’s necessary to describe something ugly, and I like to use poetic and heightened language when it’s appropriate. I’m really drawn to the places where the ugly and the beautiful intersect. I’m fascinated with the juxtaposition of these different ideas and how those things can be played against each other.

4. What can we expect next from you?

The very next thing you can expect is a brand-new novel set to release sometime in Spring 2022. The publisher and I are working on firming up the details on that release right now, so we should have a firm date soon. This will be the third novel set in my World of Muses universe, and if anyone is interested in following along with the publishing process on that project, they should check out or follow me on all of the social media platforms at @thatshanewilson.

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