When Life Gives You Free Boneless Wings

Mystery delivery man leaving a neighbor’s Buffalo wings order on our recycling bin

This has been a weird couple of weeks.

Last week, my the driver’s side mirror on my car was broken off when someone threw a watermelon at it.

Later that day, the Ring video doorbell we ordered was delivered (Dave had ordered it WEEKS ago) and we wasted no time getting it up and running.

Nothing unusual was caught on camera until about 9:30 last night (Dave and I were upstairs). I heard the motion detection alarm go off on my phone and Dave peered out the window in time to see a car drive away from our house.

Naturally he checks the video and we see a stranger leave a paper bag with a receipt taped to it on our recycling bin. So Dave goes out to investigate only to discover that someone with a similar house number on our street had ordered some yummy buffalo wings and fries.

Fortunately the order had a phone number on it, which Dave called and asked, “Were you expecting an order of buffalo wings? Because they were just delivered to our door.” Sure enough, the young woman said yes she’d ordered them so then Dave called the restaurant and told them of their error. They said, “Keep the wings.” Hopefully our young neighbor got a new order delivered and wasn’t charged for the foul-up.

So here’s the funny part while Dave is making these calls;

I decide to chow down on our windfall. He’s chuckling softly as I sit next to him, fork poised over a plump wing glistening with delectable sauce.

“Will you wait a minute?” He chastises me.

“It’s not like they’re gonna want these wings back,” I said, stabbing a wing.

So even before the restaurant said “Keep the wings” (Like what else were we gonna do with them? Walk down the block and deliver them to the neighbor ourselves?) they were devoured within minutes as Dave and I split them.

And they were yummy!

Just makes me wonder why some periods of time are sprinkled with the unusual. Is it to add spice to our boring lives? Keep us on our toes? Dave questioned if “Something is going on” because our lives are normally so uneventful.

But as they say all’s well that ends well and the free wings were an unexpected but much appreciated treat!

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