September Book Discussion

Willie’s Women met this month with a lot of good books to recommend!

BERTHA-ROSE started us off with Astra by Cedar Bowers, a Canadian author from British Columbia whose husband Michael Christie is also an award-winning author. A review of this book reads; “Cedar Bowers’s debut took my breath away. In Astra, Bowers dares to contend with the many selves we all contain—those we conceal, those we perform, those we try to outrun in our search for love, belonging, and home. She holds the human heart like a diamond to the light, exposing its every fault, its every dream, its every pain that both damns and anoints. Bowers writes with the unsentimental clarity and aching wisdom of a young Alice Munro. A fiercely beautiful novel. I could not put it down.” —Claudia Dey, author of Heartbreaker and Stunt

LINDA LEE joined us for the first time. She is currently reading Diana Galbaldon’s Book 3 in the Outlander series, Voyager. Linda Lee thoroughly enjoys that series.

JENNY is currently reading Anthony Horowitz’s The Word is Murder. She likes how the author works himself into his own books a character, something I as a writer would never think to do!

KARI and CC both mentioned S.R. Zalesny’s The Red and Purple Mustery, and Kari even has a copy signed by the author! Perfect for Red Hatters, the book’s blurb reads; Come join this Sisterhood of fabulous ladies, fifty years and older, that are out to rock the New Orleans Hotel and Casino with fun and friendship. They compete to win the drawing for the Ruby Tiara. For Mary Jane Watson, a former Detective with the Las Vegas Metro Police, it was supposed to be a retirement celebration with her group, The Dames in Old Hats.

CC continued with S.R. Zales’s Jenny and the Hummingbird Faeries. She followed that suggestion with J.D. Rob’s Forgotten in Death and mentioned 2 favorite period authors of hers, Philippa Gregory and Elizabeth Peters, both of whom she’s mentioned in past discussions.

PENI JO; The Yellow Bird Sings by Jennifer Rosner is about a Polish Jewish mother and daughter hiding from the Nazis. The mother chooses to leave her daughter in the safety of an orphanage, promising they’ll reunite. I enjoyed this book pretty much.

Willie’s Women Book Discussion meets the 2nd Monday of each month on Zoom at 3pm central. Non- Red Hat Society members may attend once and share their love of books!

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