Meet Children’s Author Christine Milkovic Krauss!

Christine Milkovic Krauss is the author of the adorable non-fiction picture book, Teddy Loses His Ears. To learn more about this author and her Teddy series, read on!

1. Tell me how you obtained Teddy. Did he start out as a foster kitten? 

We volunteered to Foster Teddy through the Heart & Soul Rescue, out of Abbotsford B.C. They volunteer; in conjunction with several pet rescue organizations across Canada; to give abandoned or homeless animals another chance at a fair life. Teddy was not a kitten when we volunteered to Foster. The intake bio described Teddy as a 3 year old neutered male, who lost his ears to frostbite. 

2. Your trilogy has a message of kindness and acceptance while raising awareness about organizations that save animals. How are these important messages addressed in the Teddy books?

The books are all real stories that we discovered from Teddy throughout the fostering journey & adoption process. My children’s reactions to some of these situations were inspiring and I tried to convey their emotional realisms in a relatable way. In the introduction story, Teddy Loses His Ears, I want children to know that its ok to ask questions about things that identify us uniquely versus making assumptions or whispering theories. Having honest and open discussion is ultimately how we learn from one another, mature our emotional intelligence and grow as individuals. Everyone has different perceptions based on their own traumas, experiences and feelings. I want to encourage understanding and compassion while readers connect to the narrative through the perspective of a real life, loveable character. Each Teddy book series will gently explore, normalize & inform on a range of topics and also include educational points about pet care that I hope will prevent situations that could cause unintentional harm to their pets. 

3. What advice do you have for anyone interested in fostering kittens?

Just to go in with mindset that it is only temporary! Otherwise you’re going to want to save (and keep) all of them! If you remind yourself that all of the animals will quickly be adopted into loving families, it’s a bit easier to let them go when it’s time. You are being of great assistance to these organizations who just need more time to facilitate connecting those animals with their forever homes. Fostering is an amazing way to be a helper, without the long term or financial commitment. All of the food, veterinary expenses and items you require for that pet, are supplied by the rescue with the help of generous supporters and donations. Of course, as the foster parent, you will be afforded first rights to adoption if you discover the perfect pet that completes your home. 

4. Can we expect to see more of Teddy’s adventures in the future!

Oh yes! 

Teddy Loves Spaghetti is set to release later in 2022.

Teddy Visits The Vet by Easter 2023. 

Teddy Gets Adopted & many more of Teddys adventures to follow; as he continues to inspire our family while we grow and experience special moments together! 

Check out my author website and be among the first to be notified of Teddy’s upcoming adventures!

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